Affiliate Link Disclaimer

Nobody likes shady business practices. I pride myself in being open and transparent about my work and my pricing, and in the name of transparency, I want to disclose my usage of affiliate links.

Throughout the website and in blog articles, you may see links to outside websites. They may be to a WordPress theme, a font, a resource, or outside services. Many of these links are to third-party products and services. These links are called affiliate links.

How I Use Affiliate Links

I use these links to supplement my work. If you click on a link, and purchase the product or service I linked to, I will get a commission on the product. As such, I will:

  • Link relevant resources, such as fonts, graphics, or themes.
  • Showcase my favorite products or services.
  • Recommend products and services.
  • Advertise sales my affiliates may be having.

If I am linking to a product or service, I have looked into it personally. All opinions are my own, and I don’t get paid for positive reviews or feedback.

How I Don’t Use Affiliate Links

I don’t want to be shady, or dishonest in my work. As such, I will never:

  • Scam you into clicking links.
  • Collect your data and sell it to third parties.
  • Give dishonest reviews in order to get commissions.
  • Recommend products that could be potentially harmful to you, your website, computer, or business.

As stated previously, I provide affiliate links as a way to supplement my income. If you are interested in a product, but aren’t interested in supporting me/my work, you are free to find the product on your own.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding my use of affiliate links, please feel free to contact me.