Boston Comic Con & a Trip to the Coast

Last Friday, Seth and I took off for Boston – the start of a crazy (yet oddly relaxing and enjoyable), much-needed vacation.

We kicked the week off by heading down to Boston for Comic Con. I’ve been planning this since January – Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, and John Barrowman were going to be there and damnit, I was going to be there, too.

Unfortunately, the trip to Boston was… Underwhelming.

We did get to meet Matt, Karen, and John. For collectively about 45 seconds. We stood in line for ages, and we’re rushed through the photo op with barely enough time to say “hello”. It was frustrating and mildly disappointing – and definitely not worth what we spent.

I don’t blame them – the staff had us in and out and didn’t leave any room for any real pleasantries. You could tell that all three of them were trying their hardest to be polite and make it a good experience. Still, it would have been nice to have just a smidge more time. Especially since I got fairly starstruck when Matt said hello to me (which is why I look awful in the picture) and don’t really remember much of it. 😓

The rest of our Comic Con trip was spent waiting in more lines, and buying a ton of nerdy stuff we really didn’t need. Still, I didn’t have a horrible time – I’d give it a 7/10. And I’d definitely go again if they had a guest I really wanted to see, or just to experience the convention outside of spending all afternoon in lines. 😂

We didn’t do much else in Boston besides Comic Con. I honestly spent most of the trip missing home. I missed driving, I was miserable on public transport, and I really realized how blessed I am to be able to walk down the street and not run into another person.

Once we were done in Boston, we drove out to Bar Harbor. This was where the vacation really began.

I’ve been vacationing on Mount Desert Island since I was a little girl. Which means I’m pretty familiar with the area. Still, we decided to mix this trip up a bit and do some things we’re familiar with, and a handful of things we’ve never done before.

We started by having dinner at the Route 66 restaurant, a great little spot decorated with all sorts of amazing retro things. It’s one of my absolute favorite places on the Island.

We spent the next day in Acadia National Park, mostly on Sand Beach, as Seth had never been there before. It was freezing, but beautiful.

Our third day there found us at the Seal Cove Auto Museum. I’ve been to the museum before, but they had a new exhibit called Auto Wars, which was super informational – apparently cars were banned on the Island until the 1910’s!

We also got to ride in an electric car from 1922. It was the quietest and comfiest car I have ever ridden in. 😂

The final night there we decided to do something way out there and went on a Sunset Nature/Booze Cruise. I’d never been on a boat before – not even a canoe – and was kind of terrified. But it was definitely the highlight of the whole trip.

The Harbor was beautiful, especially at sunset, and we got to see some eagles, seals, and the cutest little lighthouse.

Overall, I had a wonderful time on the Coast. It was great to try new things in a place I’m already familiar with.

But honestly, I think I’m glad to be home. All the travel has made me realize how blessed we are, but I’m looking forward to getting back to work and finishing up the improvements on the house.

Have you had any fun summer adventures? Share them in the comments!

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