127 Days.

My Animal Crossing villager dressed like a pirate.

When I wrote 60 Days, I mentioned not knowing what the next 60 days would hold. I don’t know that I expected it to be more of the same, but life’s funny that way.

My days are very similar to how they were two months ago – wake up, play Animal Crossing, stay home. The last few weeks have been more productive (lots of work to do!) and I’ve actually been watching less Doctor Who, but that’s about it.

(Okay, truth be told I’ve only been watching less Doctor Who because I’ve rewatched Season 5 and Season 6 both twice during quarantine. All that’s left is Season 7 and I’m not ready for that hurt.)

It’s been odd watching the country continue to implode. We’re more or less exactly where I expected us to be. Hundreds of thousands dead. Politicians and businesses pushing for things to go “back to normal” even as cases soar. Civil unrest. Military police kidnapping protestors!

I feel like we’re on the cusp of Gilead.

I’ve had to get creative to distract myself. I’ve thrown most of my extra energy into running an Instagram account for my Animal Crossing island. I’ve also been creating “art”. Whether it actually counts as art is up to interpretation but doodling and making silly graphics brings out a piece of me I haven’t been in touch with since like 2013. Seth even asked me to make a lil’ doodle of him.

As you can see, the products of my creative endeavors generally have a theme. Cute men* and space.

I’ve also been kind of streaming the American Psycho Musical Soundtrack quite a bit. I only discovered it a few days ago after going down a rabbit hole that just radiates Stupid Bitch Energy™. (I blame this Tweet.) Regardless, it’s my type of shit – it’s Matt Smith, it makes me feel like an evil bitch (there is nothing that gets me more hype than feeling like an evil bitch), and I get weird looks when I blast it in my car – so it’s been helping my brain make the Good Chemicals.

I’ve been taking advantage of the Good Chemicals to do important things, like pay my taxes and clean my house.

I feel like I’m finally at a point of transition with quarantine. Either that or I’m shutting down entirely due to too much stress/depresso/pain from collective human trauma. I’m not really sure which yet.

I’m also not sure what’s up next. Where will we be in another 60 days? Will there be another 60 days? I honestly didn’t expect to still be around for all of this. I do think at this point COVID is more of a risk to my life than I am (yay!) but the way the year is going I wouldn’t be surprised if we blew ourselves up before I get to write another one of these.

*The original working title here was NSFW but I decided to reign that in. Only my Twitter drafts need to know about that kinda shit.

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