Kyrie is going through a phase.

Kyrie's Blurbs

About Me:

It’s pronounced like Siri, with a “K”.

Professionally, I’m a web designer and developer at Overlock Design Co.

Personally, I’m a mentally-ill mess of a human who’s still figuring herself out.

A New Look & A New URL

Blogging is hard, y’all. I’ve been blogging for years. Under various websites and names – Chocolate Milkk!, Qwirkie, Kyrie Elayne Web Design, etc. And it’s never really gone anywhere. I just spend time writing out articles that next-to-nobody reads, and go months without updating anything. Well today, that changes. Introducing Qwirkie was cute. But I bought […]

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A Retrospective on 2017 (and My 2018 Goals!)

Before I start, I know I need to address the garbage fire that was 2017 for the country. The American political system is a mess, literal Nazis took to the streets, people were killed over clashing in ideals, and the government is conspiring to ruin the environment and destroy the middle class so they can […]

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Dining Room / Office Makeover!

I love our home. It’s beautiful. But the first time we did a walkthrough, there was one thing that was glaringly apparent: we needed to paint. The colors were… well they were awful. I won’t get into our living room too much (saving that for a whole other post), but the dining room was a […]

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Review: TarDisk Hybrid MacBook Storage

I am a nerd. I love Doctor Who. I love my MacBook. Nobody should really be surprised that I bought a Mac accessory called a TarDisk. A Little Background… When I ordered my Mac two+ years ago, I was stretching my limits a little bit; I wasn’t making a ton of dough and the idea […]

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