Grove Collaborative Made Me Love Cleaning

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Well, okay – love is a strong word. But it made cleaning my house a whole lot more enjoyable.

I’ve been sticking to my social media detox pretty well – I haven’t looked at my Facebook news feed in well over a month. But I’m still using Pinterest and Instagram, and I’ve been ~ intrigued ~ about the things I’ve been seeing from Grove Collaborative. I needed to stock up on cleaning supplies anyways, so I thought I’d give them a try.

I’m pretty sure I’m never going back to buying my cleaning supplies at Target. (No offense, Target, you are still bae.)

So, what is Grove Collaborative?

Grove is a website that sells all-natural cleaning and household products. They have their own, exclusive line of products, and also sell familiar brands like Mrs. Meyers and Method.

They operate on a subscription basis – you subscribe to products (at a discount) and get them delivered to your home. (Which means heellllo shopping in sweatpants!) 

I’ll be honest, though, the subscription part initially turned me off – the only product I subscribe to shipments for is Greenies. For my dogs. Because they are my world and deserve to never run out of cookies.

Blu with a Snapchat filter.
You really wanna tell this face there are no more cookies?

But Grove’s subscription model is different, because you can subscribe to individual products – and you can turn off automatic shipments if you want to. You can also push shipments back, and customize what you get. Which means you only get what you need, when you need it – nothing more.

They don’t just sell cleaning supplies, though – they also sell personal care products (like lotions, moisturizers, and chapsticks!), essential oils, and kitchen supplies (like towels, ziplock baggies, and napkins). All of which are all-natural, or recycled, meaning you can stock up without hurting the environment.

My Thoughts on Grove

I’m a bit of a branding nerd. And Grove’s brand is beautiful. So clean and elegant. 😍

Grove's 16.oz spray bottle packaging is gorgeous.
Thin, elegant slab-serifs are what dreams are made of.

I love that the products are all natural. In a household with so many animals, cleaning supplies that are natural is a must – I don’t want them getting into something that could hurt them.

And their customer service seems great, too. I made my first order and I got a text from my “Guide”, Annee, welcoming me to grove. Having a real, live person I can text with questions is amazing.

Discounts & Perks

Almost everything on Grove Collaborative is discounted – usually 15 – 30%. Add in free shipping from their $20/year VIP program and you really are saving money ordering from them.

Plus, they give away a ton of freebies. In my first order, I really only bought some Mrs. Meyer’s multi-surface concentrate, some napkins, and some microfiber cleaning cloths – and with it I got a whole set of Mrs. Meyer’s cleaners, some dish sponges, and a beautiful stoneware tray absolutely free.

My total order was $20.43. And I got all of this.

My haul included dish soap, hand soap, lotion, and a free spray bottle.

How are the products?

Obviously the Mrs. Meyer’s products smell amazing. But out of my haul, there were three MVPs that I adored.

The first was the spray bottle. It’s just a glass 16 oz. bottle with a silicone sleeve. But I loved it for 2 reasons:

  1. It’s glass, meaning I can re-use it over and over instead of throwing out the bottle when the cleaner is gone.
  2. The sleeve comes in different colors, and the Seafoam Green one is *my* color.

I'm a little obsessed with minty blues and greens.

The second was the set of microfiber cleaning cloths. They’re super absorbent – the first time I tried to use one it absorbed all my cleaner, so I found it’s best to wet it down before cleaning. But they offer just the right amount of scrubby/abrasiveness to softness to clean all sorts of messes with ease.

Grove Collaborative's microfiber cloths come branded with their logo.

The third was the Mrs. Meyer’s concentrate. I got it in Basil – it smells bright and fresh, perfect for both my kitchen and my bathrooms. And it works well, even on nasty, greasy things like this shelf next to my oven… (This is where all my oils/spices get stored, and it’s used a lot when cooking… It’s inevitable there are drips, right?!?)

A before & after of my shelf. The before is very dirty and gross, the after is not.
Note: balsamic vinegar will stain surfaces. So will red containers sitting in said vinegar. Oops.

Overall I was thrilled with the quality of the products. And at their prices (plus being eco-friendly) I don’t think I could have gotten a better value anywhere.

Final Thoughts

I’m definitely going to order from Grove again. Free shipping, natural products, great prices – I don’t know what more there is to say. I love it.

Pssttt… If you sign up for Grove Collaborative with this link, you get $10 off your first order.

Kyrie T-O

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