8 Things I’m Loving This Fall

Fall used to be my favorite season. Until I bought a house and realized that fall leads to winter, and winter sucks. So now my favorite season is spring. But I’m still a sucker for everything that fall brings with it – cooler weather, beautiful leaves, pumpkin spice everything (I am basic af.)

Not everything on this list is fall-themed. More than anything, I wanted to share a peek into my life – I haven’t blogged since May, and I spent my summer struggling with myself and my mental health, so now that everything is good, I want to share. So, here are right things I’ve been absolutely loving this fall:

1) Amazon Echo Dot

Amazon Echo Dot

Over the summer, we picked up a Google Home Mini. We set it up in our Living Room – it can do some cool things like control our Smart TV, but overall we don’t really use it much. I wanted to compare the Google Home to the Amazon Echo, so we picked up an Echo Dot (and a 4k Fire TV) on Prime Day and set it up for our other TV. And I love it. So much so that we picked up a second Echo Dot for my office.

Something about Alexa just vibes better with me. I like that she has skills – little applets that let you add features to her. So far, I’ve managed to use IFTTT to integrate her reminders and tasks with the ones on my phone, meaning I get them on my Apple Watch and computer. She also works pretty seamlessly with our TP Link smart plug – it’s so satisfying to turn on the lights upstairs from my downstairs office.

2) Paint Nights

A white pumpkin painted on a pallet at a recent paint night.

Though I was dubbed “Most Artistic” in high school, I am actually not terribly artistic. But recently, my Mum and I have been going to local paint nights at Cancun. It’s nice to get away from everything for a while and have a girls’ night – they’re always super fun and a great excuse to have one too many margaritas.

3) Bath & Body Works Candles

The Bath & Body Works 3-Wick "Leaves" Candle, up against a pretty leafy background.

As I said – I’m a sucker for pumpkin spice. But there are other scents that I love for fall. Leaves, is one of them. So I decided to brave the introvert horror that is Bath & Body Works (seriously… they WAIT BY THE DOOR AND WATCH YOU COME IN) in order to pick up some seasonal candles. It’s a little thing that can make the house feel just a little bit more cozy.

4) Grove Collaborative’s Seedling Line

Grove's Seedling brand paper products are made out of bamboo - so it's only natural that the tissue boxes are decorated with bamboo!

With the recent reports that the planet is, well, basically fucked, I’ve tried to double-down on the small changes I can make at home to be a little more eco-friendly. And Grove Collab’s Seedling paper products have been a big part of that. It’s made of bamboo, which is a much more sustainable alternative to tree-based papers. While I haven’t been brave enough to try the toilet paper (I’m very picky about TP), the tissues, paper towels, and napkins are great. And a little way to be less harmful to the planet. (:

(P.S. – if you join Grove with this link you get a free 5-piece gift set… (Yes, it’s an affiliate link.))

5) New Doctor Who

A promotional shot for the new Doctor Who season featuring Jodie Whitaker.

I’ll admit – I was wary when it came to Jodie Whitaker taking over for Peter Capaldi as the Doctor. Not that I cared that she was female, but because I really liked Peter Capaldi. Twelve came out of the gates, called a T-Rex a “Big, Sexy Woman” and stole my heart.

Thirteen’s first episode was a little slow. Episode two was better. And Rosa? I cried. The new companions feel like people. Real people with jobs and lives that just happen to be traveling around with the Doctor. It makes the whole show feel a bit more personal. And Jodie is doing a great job embodying the Doctor. It just feels like Doctor Who – fun, at times hokey, and always a good time.

6) The Haunting of Hill House

A little known fact about me is that my family briefly (like 36-ish hours briefly) moved into a haunted house when I was about 12. It was an experience. And when my husband and I were binging watching The Haunting of Hill House, I couldn’t help but draw parallels between Hill House and the Duplex of Doom. Big, ornate, beautiful homes with so much history and so many horrible things.

But even if you haven’t lived, briefly, in a haunted house, Hill House is a fantastic show. There’s warped time, ghosts, addictions, and family trauma – something for everyone who secretly loves horrible things. And while the ending was a little predictable (Seth called it about 2 episodes in), watching it all unfold was horrifying and entertaining as hell.

7) Nature Love Serenity Pillow Mist

The Nature Love Serenity Pillow Mist bottle is adorable - white and gold. It matches my white and grey bedding.

Ugh. What a name. But the mouthful is worth it, I swear. I picked up a bottle of this on a whim at TJ Maxx and it has forever changed how I sleep. It’s got a light, not too-medicinal lavender scent that is the perfect amount of relaxing and fresh. I don’t just use it on my pillows – I’ll spray the whole bed with it. I want to sleep on a cloud of serene relaxing lavender, damnit, and nothing is going to stop me. (Plus, the bottle is wicked cute – white glass with a gold top. I’m sure it’ll get repurposed into something cute and DIY.)

8) My iPhone XS

The iPhone XS box, featuring a planet on the front of the box.

I’ve been rocking an iPhone 7 Plus for a while now. And I’m not going to lie – I loved my phone. The Rose Gold was cute, it still worked well, I was happy with it. So I didn’t upgrade to the iPhone X when it came out; why would I when I was really happy with what I had?

But hubs and I decided to do a little splurge before Christmas – he got a new Xbox One X, so I got a new phone. And it’s really nice. I was never a fan of the size of the 7 Plus – I only got the Plus model for the dual cameras – so the XS fits much better in my hand. And it has a bigger screen than my Plus did. Oh, and the camera is bomb af.

My boys have never looked better:

A portraid-mode photo of Harry, my white and gold mutt. He looks majestic.

A portrait-mode photo of Blu, my pittie/lab mix. He also looks majestic. And cuddly.

Have you bought/seen/used anything life changing this fall? Or maybe just something you love and want to share? Let me know in the comments!

Kyrie T-O

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